Monday, November 17, 2008

Girl brutally attacks boyfriend! (My original funny short film)

Girlfriend Attacks Boyfriend Brutally in Domestic War! - The best free videos are right here

What happens when a girl and her boyfriend, both with super powers, get into a domestic dispute? They use all their powers and skills to defeat the other one in a bloody battle to the end. This video was my first attempt at a special effects short film. I hope you find it funny and entertaining. Check out my other original funny videos as well.

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  1. I saw a video that I thought was funny and saw a link to here so thought I would check it out. After just checking this video, despite the cleavage and the ass lasers I don't find it funny. What a shame....

  2. Like I said previously. This is first and foremost a funny video clip site, but from time to time I will post some of my original videos that I produced for fun, because there are people that want to see it. I am sorry if you didn't like this one, but there are enough funny content around if you don't like to check out the original stuff of mine.